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the futureBet on metaversePRE SALE COMING SOON

What is?

is a Web3 company that bets on the future and intends to change how the sporting bet works in real life and the metaverse.

is the winners token.

It´s an
utility token.

The token for those
who like winning.

The token for those who love
16.18% APY on passive income.

The token for those who want to
use a metaverse in real life.

The utility token that you can use whilst
living in Switzerland, EU and Brazil.

The token has already been accepted in
more than 20 metaverse games.


  • IconToken Name:
  • IconToken Symbol:
  • IconToken max cap: NaN
  • IconTotal supply: NaN
  • IconToken max manually mintable: NaN
  • IconStaking rate:
  • IconStaking APY: %
  • IconStaking deadline:
  • IconStaking start date:
  • IconPre Sale duration: NaN days
  • IconPre Sale price:
  • IconPre Sale Vesting period: years

Stakes average
% returns a year.

Enter the amount you want to stake

In ten years you will get


A profit of


The only way to mint new coins is staking. The addresses from founders, devs, and areas are forbidden to stake. Check the inflation table here.

Who is adopting
the ?

Those metaverse companies understood the power of WWW.

Win, win, and win.

You can win if you bet, stake, and or if the token gets more market value.

Adopt it in your metaverse as well.

Bet on the future.


The biggest Crypto ATM company in Switzerland

  • More than 34 ATMS machines;
  • Hundreds of POS;
  • Easily converts CHF and EURO to ;
  • OTC exchange;


December 2021
January 2022
Smart Contract Development
February 2022
Smart Contract Development
February 2022
Vesting Smart Contracts Development
February 2022
Smart Contract Development
March 2022
and Smart Contracts Unit Test
March 2022 | April 2022
TIBC ATMs machines integration and tests
April 2022
TIBC POS machines integration and tests
May 2022
CertiK audit
May 2022
White paper & Branding strategy development
June 2022
Pen Test companies definition
June 2022
Release the beta version on Matic Main Net
June 2022
Pen Test execution by Redbelt
June 2022
ICO regulation on
Finma Switzerland Icon
June 2022
Online Bookmakers integration
July 2022
Kamoney integration
July 2022
Start the development of the sporting app for IOS/Android
July 2022
Start the development of the sporting website
July 2022
Start the development of the Bet website

Transparent Tokenomics - Check on Blockchain


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a SCAM?

    No. is a company created by the same creators of Exante, in Switzerland, and the former dev of SmartCash.

    TIBC is the biggest ATM company in Switzerland, and Exante is a large payment company in Europe.

    The purpose is to bring usability to crypto in the world, reducing fees and bureaucracy.

  • Who are the founders?

    The founders are Enrique Souza, former developer of SmartCash; Nuno Pinto, founder of; and Celal, CEO of Exante.

    With considerable experience in the crypto world since the creation of BTC, they decided to create companies to cover all the crypto ecosystems.

  • Why do the founders get 0% of all Hard Cap?

    Since scratch, the founders have been funding the project from their funds. That includes marketing, software development, legal team, accountant team, travels, taxes, community managers, software management, licenses, etc.

  • How do you prevend dump from the founders?

    Every area will have its budget starting in 2023. For 2022 the budget is already decided and being paid by the founders. The TimeLock Smart Contract will lock budgets following the vesting strategy and Tokenomics table.

  • How do you prevend Rug Pull from founders?

    will lock the liquidity providers LP via Smart Contract as soon as we start the project.

  • Why we only get % APY on Staking?

    The purpose is to get around 1 billion tokens minted in the total supply. So we calculated the inflation table with a rate of 0. Otherwise, inflation would be unrealistic.

  • Is the token mintable?

    The token is only mintable via staking. It means if people don‘t stake, the total supply won‘t increase.

  • How is the max supply calculated?

    We minted 400,000,000.00, of which 100,000,000.00 are locked and split between, the founders, private investor, and the devs. (Check the tokenomics strategy.)

    100,000,000.00 will be used for Marketing, development, and charity. (Check the tokenomics strategy.)

    The 200,000,000.00 left will go to Pre Sale and Public Sale. The Pre Sale is very important since it will help us with the liquidity for the public sale and price definition.

    Our max possible supply is around 1,296,337,810.87 because if all holders start staking it means that 200,000,000.00 will be staked, and if they hold for 10 years there, our APY will pay around 896,337,810.8700609.

    If we sum (400,000,000.00 + 896,337,810.8700609) we will get ~1,296,337,810.87.

    *Ps.: The founder, devs, and areas are not allowed to stake; it is enforced by Smart Contract and legal contract.